Joint 4th Prize: My Life As A B-List Movie Star, by Emma Simon

Joint 4th Prize in our 2023 Open Poetry Competition was awarded to My Life As A B-List Movie Star, by Emma Simon. @simplesimonemma

This is what our judge Jonathan Edwards had to say about it:

This poem offers us another wonderful title and a highly original idea. It’s full of language for the reader to enjoy, real formal refinement, and I love the way the fantastical is smashed up against the everyday. Best of all, the poem uses its idea to get to emotional importance, asking the big questions of life from a striking new angle: ‘Is everyone freaked/by a spidery sense they picked the wrong part?’ By thinking through the real-world implications of a B-movie star’s life, the poem illuminates nothing less than our emotional relationship to our own lives. There are very few ideas out there which haven’t been done, and even fewer writers who can steer them in the direction both of linguistic inventiveness and emotional punch. This poem is a joy to read.

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