Looking Round The Wall, by Bob Spencer

Bob Spencer is a local farmer and a member of the Kent & Sussex Poetry Society. This poem was selected for our Folio #72 in 2018.

 Looking Round The Wall
 not sure where   cairo perhaps
 a veil-faint moon
 eternal pyramids
 a blue window
 on a flat oiled slab
 arches  an open doorway
 spewing light
 from a dead man’s ritual
 rag baggery of shacks
 places in amagio
           night surrendering
           to a sky wrenched open
           hillside   light meets dark
           cattle grazing  leafless trees
           bony branches
           clawing the day
           miss muffet weeping
                               cocky Spaniard
                               impatience quivering
           table overhung
           with bordered cloth
           patches dipped in Timbuctoo
           sold in tunbridge wells
           eve’s fruit mouldering
           in a woven basket
           temptation fermenting
                               town mist  ugly windows
                           street seller harrowing cod
                           from yesterday’s trawler
                           women haggling
                           by an ominous doorway
                           to what is not nice
           a lake  a reflecting tower
           a naked woman
           gazing at glow worms
           the moon her life force
           an opening
           to the profound dull tunnel

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One response to “Looking Round The Wall, by Bob Spencer

  1. ‘patches dipped in timbucktoo/
    sold in tunbridge wells’

    four aces!
    ♥   ♠   ♣   ♦

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