Voices goes virtual

Despite the difficulties of ‘live’, it’s not only the Kent and Sussex Poetry Society that’s finding new online ways to connect. Another local group – Voices – that puts on great evenings of performance – a kind of Royal Variety Show – is using Faceboook to provide opportunities for performers and audiences alike: Virtual Voices. Their next link up is on Friday 30th October, using their Facebook group.

For those completely new to Voices you’ll find all the background information about who they are and what they on their website. Have a look around and if you like what you see hot-foot it over to Facebook to register your interest for Friday night’s (Oct 30th) Halloween special. You can book a slot there to read or perform live, or send a video / audio recording in advance: it’s all good! Then, by the magic of Facebook messenger, they’ll be going live at around 8:00 to share whatever has been thrown into the pot. Actually, what with it being Halloween and all that should probably say ‘to stir up whatever has been thrown into the cauldron’… We know for a FAKT there will be poetry and at least a couple of songs, but who knows what else will emerge from the fog?

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