John Greening

May 2014 047       John Greening

John Greening entertained us on May 20 at the Camden Centre.  In addition to reading from his own poetry, he announced the Folio poets for this year’s collection, and the winner this year is our chairman, Clive Eastwood, so congratulations to him.  John has also given very helpful feedback to all entrants to the competition.  He believes that all good poetry emerges from reading, and enjoys “listening” to a poem first, to feel its music.  He also enjoys the interplay between line breaks and syntax, and “unusual diction” which nonetheless emerges naturally.

Clive 2014     Clive Eastwood

The Keith Francis Bowl is Clive’s for the year 2014-2015.

The Folio will be available in July, at a cost of £3, and will also contain the prizewinning poems from our Open Competition, and Pascale Petit’s adjudication report.


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