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Members readings and launches 
We have an extremely talented membership, so several members have launches and readings in the next few weeks to which you are welcome.  Coming up in November are:
Saturday November 4th – Against the Grain Launch, Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BX
A new press set up by Abegail Morley, Jess Mookherjee and Karen Dennison has its launch, with reading from its first pamphlet by Anna Kisby, and additional readings by Sarah James, Sean Magnus Martin and Jane Lovell.  
Thursday 9th November – Louisa Campbell’s new pamphlet, Happy Bus, launching at the Javabean Cafe at 8pm which also features readings by Ira Lightman and John McCullough
Tuesday 14th November – Caroline Price’s new collection is being launched by Shoestring Press at 8pm at Tonbridge Old Fire Station, TN9 1BH, also featuring readings by Hubert Moore and Mary Gurr.
Thursday 16th November – Steve Walter’s London launch of When the Change Came, which will be 8pm at the Poetry Cafe (as above), with music by Steve Antioni and more poetry by John Paul O’Neil.
Wednesday 29th November – Abegail Morley’s launch of her new collection In the Curator’s Hands, 7:30pm at the Vittle & Swig, with additional readings by Sara Barnsley and Jill Munro.



2 responses to “Members News

  1. Ken Weber

    Can I please leave a polite request.
    We have been receiving literature by post from your society for 12 years despite multiple attempts to RTS or contact like this.
    If you get your mailing address list from a third party would you please give me their details because this is a huge waste of paper, your money and my time in dealing with this.
    If you could reply either way so I can give you the address that this mail is sent to and hopefully get it removed from your list.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Ken Weber

    • I am sorry about this. We do try to keep our contacts list up to date. I will pass your message on to our publicity officer and hope you will not be bothered again. I do know that this year’s mailings have gone out ….

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